Saturday, March 30, 2013

Small Tip Help You Find a Coupon Code Online

Coupons are traditionally found in magazines, grocery stores, billing statements (e.g., credit card), and newspapers, especially Sunday newspapers. Additionally, some newspapers may include mailers during the week that offer coupons and other  specials. You may also contact grocery stores, commercial food  producers, and other companies directly to receive coupons in the mail or via e-mail notification. At times, companies may  have kiosks or informational displays in stores where you can  get coupons or sign up for promotions.

The explosion of consumer technology use has made newspapers and magazines less popular venues for coupons. Marketers are increasingly responding to consumers’ demands by using the Internet and cellphone/smartphone applications to distribute coupons. Technology also makes it easier for consumers to take charge by seeking out coupons, super-saver deals, and free items on marketing websites.

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